Week 6-12

Well I’m just starting my 12th week… this pregnancy has been pretty different from my first. I didn’t know I was pregnant with y daughter til 9 weeks.

Cravings: I don’t really crave much, not anything weird but I did eat a can of peaches. I don’t know if you would consider this a craving but I do NEED to eat a banana in the morning. I swear it helps with morning sickness.

Weightgain: I have technically gained 10 pounds. I was going to the gym steadily for 4 months before getting pregnant so I was slightly toning up but not gaining weight or losing weight.  but in the first couple weeks of pregnancy I ate everything. I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet. But during the past few weeks I haven’t been eating much cause everything just disgusts me. lol

Sleep: Im sleeping pretty good,im so tired all the time, I could sleep at 730 pm if I could but I don’t let myself because I don’t want to risk waking up at like 4 am. I did sleep 11 hours the other night, I went to bed at 9 pm and woke up at 8am. I have never felt so energized in the morning, my husband gets up at 5 am and leaves around 6 for work. When I hear him stirring I usually get up and eat a yogurt. I fall back asleep til 8. Today I felt like I couldn’t get bck into a deep sleep and next thing you know, my daughter is awake.

Symptoms: I had really tender breasts until week 10. it was nuts, I don’t remember having tender breasts with Brooklyn, not til the end ish when my milk was coming in.  I do feel nauseous some days more then other days. I can’t eat meat cause it really disgusts me. I gag just thinking about it. It sucks cause I love my chicken and beef. I can’t eat tacos anymore cause it gives me bad indigestion. It sucks not being able to eat the things I love. I live off of cereal, yogurt, toast, and fruit. Im not really thirsty so I have to force myself to drink. I only have 1 large glass of milk and 2 or 3 large glasses of water and I need to be drinking way more then that.


I can’t wait to start my 3rd trimester. which is in a couple weeks, I’ll hopefully blog in between that and then blog my week 12-16 week pregnancy update. I have my first prenatal apt on September 2, I could of had it earlier but none of the dates worked for me so now I have to wait blahhhh! So pumped to hear the heartbeat! It is definitely one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I have a feeling im having a girl. My husband thinks im having one, im hoping Its a boy cause ive been so nauseous. but who knows!


Week 10

Week 10 of my pregnancy…

I cant complain, its been pretty decent. I feel more tired this time around. I had 1 day where I was super nauseous. I legit laid in bed all day! I felt pretty useless. 3.5 more weeks til im out of the first trimester. THANK YOU JESUS!!!  I don’t have any cravings, im not even that hungry anymore. everything kinda grosses me out. I get sick of food….fast. I cant think of chicken nuggets without gagging. YUCK!

everytime I eat a meal I get a food baby. I have a bump and its all hard. SO attractive. I think im starting to show. my mood swings aren’t bad. im not a total nightmare to my husband yet! I am more sensitive though. Ive always been a firecracker!

During this past august long weekend we spent 5 days at the cabin. it was so nice. it was shitty to come back home to reality and my gross house.

My house is seriously a mess and I hate it. im just so tired all day. I don’t have the energy to do it. I slept 10 hours last night and I did wake up super energized. Ive been busting my ass off at work. My days off don’t even feel like days off. I have to catch up on laundry, run to the store, clean other peoples houses. Ugh. My life will be dead when I have two kids, im going to be wishing I was running to the store etc. lol.

I cant wait to find out what im having. I just want to start preparing, I really want it to be a boy but I have a good feeling that its a girl. They say boy bumps are lower, my bump seems high when I do get my little food baby. It would be nice to have a girl cause then she can just wear all of my daughters cute hand me downs! Im so glad I didn’t get rid of her cute stuff!

My daughter is watching caillou, it made me reawlize thati need to take my daughter to the dentist. I haven’t taken her yet…ever. Hopefully her mouth isn’t full of cavaties.

Time for me to write a to do list!


Complaining Time

  1. My Friends Don’t Exist
  2. My daughter is going thru terrible twos
  3. Im almost done my first trimester
  4. I can’t find a babysitter ugh!

I decided to delete facebook…why? because im pregnant again. I wanted to avoid the whole people messaging me asking if im pregnant. I only have my instagram(which im always on) and twitter (which I rarely use).

Ive been trying make plans with friends so I get out there and be productive during the day. My so called good friends never reply or they are too poor to own a damn phone that works! Is this what my life is going to be like after I have a 2nd kid? no social life? no friends? did I just become uncool? cause I see so many people with more then 1 kid and they no social life because their kids keep them soooo busy. Im a social butterfly. I don’t want to be inside, all the time. I want to be out there at playdates etc.

I find it so rude when people don’t reply to my texts. Kay your on your phone the whole time when your with me but when I text and need someone then they never reply? like screw you. CUT! I definitely won’t be making an effort for our friendship anymore. Go die!  

It sucks even more that my best friend lives 45 minutes away in a different city. Shes on maternity leave for 2 more months. If we could hang out everyday and lived closer we would but we don’t. its 20$ gas there and back, each time! I also have the type of friends that when they get a boyfriend, no one else exists. I hate people. Why did I just admit that Im a social butterfly when I clearly have no successful friendships? I think I need to move or something!

Rant over. Im so tired. My life is so depressing lol

Bye Blog

July 11th

So im starting a pregnancy blog. On july 11th, I found out im expecting baby number 2. YIKES.



It still doesnt feel real. I had missed my period since may 24th. But my period was never regular so if I missed a month or two it never a big deal.
The only way I knew I was pregnant is my huge increase in appetite.  I literally csnt stop eating. I gained 15 pounds in the last month. I feel super fat. Lol im a bigger person to begin with.  Im not petite.  Tall and curvy.
My due date is February 28th, 2015. My children will be 3 years apart. Which is the perfect age. My husband and his siblings were 5 years apart. Me and my brother were 3 years apart.  I think 3 years is the perfect age. I use to want them to be 2 years but now I can see that being too close.

It feels so weird to think im gonna have two kids. I cant wrap my head around it.
Im cutting out fast food. If we do go out, im ordering caesar salad.

Time to eat healthy. Im so scared of gaining weight. Ive seen numerous friends have baby number 2 and now those skinny girls are bigger then me. Its scary. Ive always struggled with self esteem weight issues. So im praying I stay healthy and lose the weight fast.

Failing at this

Ive been feeling so down lately. I am tired and don’t have energy to do anything with my daughter. I feel like a failure of a mother, my daughter just plays in her room and watches Netflix. we get out of the house maybe once a day but I just don’t have the energy.

I can’t imagine how im ever going to leave the house when I have 2 kids. geez. Im praying God gives me strength so I can get out and enjoy summer cause its already half over. I just don’t know what to do with my daughter. You can only play at the park for so long. the splash pad is only free for 2 hours from 9 am – 11am. we are usually only waking up at 830 am. ugh. everything costs money, which I never have. If I would want to take her to a zoo or museum its like 20$. just straight ridiculous. 20$ plus the gas to ride to the city which is an hour away. Blahhh. why can’t stuff be cheaper? so I can do stuff creative with my daughter 

I just seriously hate feeling this way.

Canadian Problems

i am convinced that summer is never going to come. we have had one of the coldest winters since early 1900s i believe. We were colder then mars. YUCK. i love the snow but we have legit had 6 months of winter. its april and today flakes were falling. Not enough to cover the ground but it still reaches -15 at night. WHYYYYY?!

I pray that we have an extra long summer. im so excited for summer, i have 2 weddings to go to. i love weddings.

my daughter is finally sleeping thru the night in her big girl bed but she is waking up early as hell. 730 am…..i haven’t woken up that early in a long ass time. Since B was a new born. She started sleeping thru the night by 7 months and would sleep 12 hours straight. now shes only sleeping like 10 hours a night.


i should probably quit the gym i go like once or twice a week thats it. its pretty pathetic. i didn’t go for like 3 weeks fml. like how fat am i? i gained my weight back 😦 i need to lose weight for toronto so i can look sexy. the shitty thing is that like 2.5 weeks ago i sprained my thumb and it still isn’t healed so that stops me. i just dont wanna go to the gym and mess it up again cause i do the machines and weights.it sucks cause the weather has been too cold for walks. When we did have nice weather i was walking. This winter is just never ending tho.

i should probably head to the gym once the husband is home. bye

50 things about me

1) I’m adopted
2) I’m married
3) I’m a mom
4 I’m 22
5) I’m born on Christmas Eve
6) I work part time
7) I love cheese
8) I’m tan
9) I’m native but look nothing like it
10) I love dogs
11) i love Jesus
12) I plan on owning a range rover
13) I love to scrapbook
14) I have a mortgage 😦 lol
15) I graduated high school
16) my favorite kind of food is ITALIAN. I love my pasta and pizzas
17) I miss living at home
18) my husband is black
19) I love making people laugh
20) I love going for walks
21) I love palm bays
22) i use to be a big partier til I went cold turkey on everything and everyone
23) I use to have a fear that if I wasn’t with my mom she would die. It gave me huge ANXIETY.
24) I told my mom when I was young that I would marry a black guy
25) I want to go to Africa and work at a orphanage
26) I have a purse fetish
27) I will never get sick of family guy
28) I can’t dance
29) my favorite dessert is CHEESECAKE
30) I love makeup and collect it
31) I want to be well off by the age of 30
32) I have never watched a Harry potter movie or Star Wars
33) I watched paranormal activity and slept in my parents floor when I was 19. Lol
34) I fart around my girlfriends lol but never fart in front of my husband
35) I don’t get along with girls. I grew up hanging with guys. And no i didn’t fuck any of them
36) I received 2 promise rings by ex boyfriends
37) I grew up in the country. Red barn. Animals. Horses. Goats. Cats. Dogs.
38) I’ve never met my biological parents
39) I cut up my credit card cause i maxed it out right aways lol
40) when I die I want to go Heaven
41) I believe in living every day like its your last. Life is seriously too short.
42) YOLO
43) I love meeting my twitter followers, I’ve met a few people off twitter and they are amazing!
44) I was hoping I would be pregnant again by now
45) I love to read
46) I’m gonna do it big with my life
47) I drive a Mazda and I hate it
48) I am so thankful to God for protecting me back in the day when I use to party.
49) my favorite color is purple
50) I’m a shopaholic


Today I got a new purse and finally a denim shirt!
I also am going to Toronto in a month. My husband is not working nights but gonna be on rotation between days and evenings 🙂
I am pretty content right now. Life is good. Thank you Jesus.

blog smog

I love blogging so that a few years from now I can look at how I was feeling and what I was doing and just reminiscing. (Did I use the right word?!)

My goals for the rest of 2013
1) potty train my daughter
2) lose 20 lbs or more
4) pay off my credit card

If you’re married, you know how hard these first couple years are. It’s definitely quite the test.
Pretend your husband didn’t have a job and he was home alllll the time…yes I had that happen. FOR 2 MONTHS! ugh I even told my parents I might kill him. I tried leaving him in the city but he refused to get out the car. He now has a full time job in our city which is nice. Our marriage is wayyyy better now. Less fights and arguments.
I’ve recently made a few new friends. I’m very excited cause my friend list isn’t way up there. I rather have 4 quarters then 100 pennies. Know what I mean?
Tomorrow I’m so excited I have an afternoon with my daughter!!! Im gunna go to Aldo & The mall. Oh yes…and old navy! Old navy is my store. Ever since I became a mom I love it there. My whole wardrobe has became old navy. Its great cause It’s not cheap but not overly expensive. I don’t need to own name brand everything.
I dont know all girls out here are all horny for Michael Kors. ugh!!! Why are you wasting like 300$ on a damn purse?!?! When some of the broads need to be using that damn money on a therapist… RANT OVER

This weekend. I work 10 hours tommorow and 12 hours on Saturday. Don’t tell me I’m lazy. I work hard for everything I have. I hate when people think I have it just cause I don’t know a 9-5 job Monday thru Thursday.
I ain’t even gonna go on a rant about that lol
Anyways. I’m tired. Bye xoxo

How I get over a bad day..

These are ways I get over a bad day!

1) online shopping- buying a new item makes me feel so much better. Gives me something to look forward too
2)CLEAN -it’s such a huge stress reliever for me
3) go for a walk – put on my headphones, drown the world out
4) blast music & dance
5) a good old talk with my mommy
6) talking to my husband

Sometimes distracting yourself with other people’s days make you feel better. That person may have lost their dog or … A loved one. Then your shitty day doesn’t seem as bad and actually makes you feel way better. I’m trying to tell myself to not sweat the small stuff. Just be thankful for what I have and who I have. Health, family and amazing friends.