Hello world!

This is my first blog post and i have nooo idea what to write or how to use this!

 The Chaos of My Life….
I pretty much have 2 months to get skinny for my wedding, I was on the right track before (lost 10 pounds) but lately ive been soooo busy with B (NOT excersising) and being unhealthy! I legit have no time to workout! 😦 PLUS B is teething so she’s clingy during the day while im home alone, so i can’t workout during the day (not unless i want a screaming baby) & when the fiance comes home, than all I want to do is RELAX and CUDDLE (myfave)!! Im scared once we do get married were just gunna let it go, cause usually when people get married they are like “Woohoo im married lets get fat! who cares about body image” I DONT want to be that couple!  
So pretty much what it comes down to is… get gym membership & workout without Fiance or workout late at night with him….hmmmm decisions decisions!!! I do have a bowflex at home and a treadmill but its so sad that im too lazy to learn how to attach and change the bowflex crap! haha but at the gym all the thingys are right there, I wouldn’t have to switch anything! Yep im that lazy to learn how to use the bowflex!

*sigh* my fiance wants to read my blog, how embarrassing, hes gunna think im a total loser lol

I feel like my life in fast forward, the days are going by WAY to damn fast! I hope I have time to blog everyday!

Anyways my  baby is crying for me! bye bye for now!


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