Day 2 of My Lovely Blog

*sigh* I am tired. My daughter decided to wake up at 130, 4:15 745 AM!! 3x in one night, she usually never does that. I usually have to wake up once or not at all, but shes like 5 months so shes teething bad. She officially became a huge mommy’s girl.
Funny thing happened this evening, she fell out of her bouncy chair. I don’t usually strap her in, because i’ll either be on the ground right beside her or a few feet away. But this time my back was turned and I know she was sitting up in it but she hadn’t fell out yet! ha ha I’m sad that I didn’t see the incident occur, but I did have a crying baby on the floor. One luck i had pillows there to break her fall. I sure had a good laugh

Well the decision is made, me and the fiance got a gym membership! I’m excited but I’m not excited. My arms are going to so sore once I start doing my arm workouts! Wahhhh 😦  My mom was glad that I’m making an effort to tone up my arms & get back into shape. I can’t wait for summer than I can live at the cabin & swim. Last year I didn’t swim much cause i was super pregnant, but I know at the end of all this i’ll be happy that I’m back in shape 🙂

I desperately need to convince my fiance that i deserve a credit card and hair extensions. I want to shop online bad! & I’d love to chop my hair short and have the option of having long hair or short hair. Everyone thinks that’s a stupid idea. I think it’s a grand idea!

I still don’t understand this whole blog thing, what to write, how to design my blog, how to make it look not so boring & what to write!! My blog is probably going to equal me bitching about life issues, bragging about how amazing my daughter is and how crazy excited & nervous I am to get married!

Countdown to the married life….Sixty-One Days til I’m a Mrs!!!
I’m slowlyyy getting nervous. Its going to be different to make my condo my new home. I lived in the same house with my parents for 5 years. I’ve never moved out before! This is my “home”. I have a good strong relationship with my parents, going to be weird not living under the same roof as them. I probably should of moved out a couple years ago when I had the chance. Me & my ex best friend bought a house 40 Min’s away, but the deal fell through, so it never worked out! Which is a good thing cause I’m pretty sure I would of never met my fiance or got blessed with a beautiful daughter. Can’t imagine my life without them!
Having a daughter has been such a blessing. I’ve learnt that a human’s ability to love is more infinite than words can ever express! Her smiles are contagious! Everyday is a new adventure & I love every minute of it!
I’m so lucky to be able to spend my days with her. I love being a Stay at home mom! I’m going to be sad when October comes, cause than I’ll be back at work! 😦




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