Stuck with Strep

So today i went to the clinic, found out I have strep! 😦 it started with my neck hurting and it just got worse! I felt like SHIT this morning. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have gotten this bad of a sore throat. I haven’t had the flu (puking) since i was 12 when I got my tonsils out! Haven’t felt this shitty in a long time! But my mommy brought me chicken noodle soup and cough drops that taste legit like candy! hope this clears up soon & Im really praying i dont give it to my daughter!

Anywho, Last night me and the fiance went to go hand out the rest of his invitations! He only got like half of his out! Time is going by too fast & i’m getting really nervous! On thursday we went to go look at our beautiful brand new condo we got! i seriously can’t wait to move in there and decorate it! Wish i could make our room pink and super girly, but I don’t think that my fiance would like that too much. he’s not really a fan of pink! oh well! Im addicted to Pinterest! It gives me sooo many great ideas!

*sigh* Right now my fiance and his bestfriend are watching the hockey game & drinking beer. We had a bbq with his friends! He made all the food, i cleaned up his mess! what a good wifey i am 😉
Now that leaves me.. Super bored, sitting on facebook & tweeting & blogging! Could i be anymore of a social network whore? haha Our bebe is having her evening nap, I can’t even play with her much cause i dont want her getting strep? can 5 month old babies even get strep? lol She’s should’ve had this nap 2 hours ago! She was awake for 6 hours straight! This just means she’s going to have a longer nap, be awake later. That’s okay though, shes my fiance’s problem tonight! i need my beauty rest so i can get rid of this strep!

Yesterday i went for my wedding hair trial, im thinking of just having my hair curly! When i went to the salon i showed her a pic of what i wanted (ill post a photo of the example), it didn’t really turn out how i thought it would, it looked bad on me actually, it was half up half down. it looks better when its just down and curly!
i would love to dye my hair but i have no idea what color to dye it, HELP!!!!

Im running out of stuff to blog about, my brain isn’t functioning! need to take my meds now, than i have to wait another hour to eat! cause your suppose to take penicillin on a empty stomach! LAME! Bye Blog



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