. . . hmm

Ohhhh my goodness! So pretty much I haven’t blogged in a week. How sad! So I received some really good news, I am getting just over 3000$ back from my taxes!!!! Its crazy! I’m sooo excited. I also have a grand left to pay off on my car! Than I’m pretty much debt free. I think its kind of sad that I’m 21 & I don’t have a credit card! Pretty much all my friends have credit cards. I feel very left out! I’m not looking forward to my next paycheque going all to my car! 425$ towards my car. Gahhhhh! The things I could buy with 425$ hehe.

Rant of the day! I got a gym membership. Almost 2 weeks ago. & I’ve only gone 3 times. It drives me F’ing crazy. My fiance isn’t supporting me at all. & the whole reason why we got the gym membership is to get in shape & go together! I’ve gone 3x & he’s gone like every day of the week except weekends! Well his problem, hope he’s happy having a obese wife.
Ill really thinking of using the 3 grand for lipo. Maybe do a cocaine diet. Jus kidding. I’m not that desperate. I jus wish I had a better support system 😦 & none of my friends go to the gym. So yeah, andddd my parents wouldn’t go with me either lol.

On a different note. My babygirl is still teething like crazy. NO teeth yet! 😦
My cousins son. He didn’t get teeth til he was a year and a half! Which is ridiculous! Haha

Has anyone ever realized how annoying the radio is? They overkill songs like major! I practically know all the words to the hottest songs cause they play them so much! I switch stations then that station is playing the same damn song! Tsk tsk. The radio stations need to step it up!

I need to get good topics to talk about! Running out of rants to rant about. Anyways. Bye diary xoxo


One thought on “. . . hmm

  1. Omg, I need a mommy workout partner too! I’ve tried convincing GH to go to a Zumba class with me and totally got DE-NIED!

    Do you have a local Mommy group? I attended a Zumba class with a fellow natural parenting mommy from a Facebook group 🙂

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