Busy Busy

Hello diary. Been uber busy. Got my taxes back. The money is almost gone. Paid off my car and helped the fiance pay some bills & got him his wedding band. There goes over half of it. 2/3 ‘s of it anyway. The rest went to me shopping, groceries and buying an iPhone and gas. I hate the gas prices. Since may 1st I’ve spent 100$ on gas. Im soon going to be flinstoning my ass everywhere.
Could my life be any busier?! Its legit in fast forward. Another month til im married. Yikes!! Cant wait! Hehe
I got a comment the ither day that i look thinner. That made me feelgood. I have gone to the gym only a few times but i have been doing little workouts at home and long walks. It feels good to be getting in shape.
Everyone in my family is sick! It sucks. Im the only one who isn’t sick. B had her first cold and thats been hell lol shes rolling over all the time. I love watching her grow. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful family


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