No time to blog… Gre

Wahhh… Wish i could blog more!!

So far this week its been so buy. Finished my last pre marriage seminar. That was so helpful for mine and my fiances relationship. We had a meeting with the guy playing our wedding music On friday is our wedding shower. Cant wait for all that yummy food.
Is it bad that i never see one of my bridesmaids? Its actually annoying and i regret asking her to be one. I seriously rarely see her. The last time i saw her was last month. I saw her when i had strep. My maid of honor i see once a week cause we jog/walk together. Ive know her since kindergarten. Went to the same elementary school then i moved and we didn’t go to the sane school for 2 years but in high-school we hung out & reconnected. We never lost touch and im hoping we never do 🙂

Couple more weeks til i move. Guess i should packing. Eeek. The new condo is amazing. I plan on posting pictures june 1 & 2. Cant wait to decorate my own place. Super tempted to buy zebra bedding. I love pink and animal print. Merp!

B has started rolling over but gets stuck on her tummy, than she gets all upset. Can’t wait til she rolls all over the place. The whole 4-6 month age brooklyn has changed alot. Its crazy.

Anywho. Its 11 pm. Im tired. Night blogworld


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