been MIA

i haven’t been writing in my little online diary lately, due to my crazy ife

whats new with me? lets see… im married. my babygirl is almost 9 months and im not living at home anymore. i also got an iphone and totally am in love with it ( Screw Blackberry) . Did i mention that i got my first credit card? Yes! Life is peachy


Married life…. well lets just say that this first year is definitely the hardest. man, its even harder then it was before. we fight but not about the same things as before. now we fight over the most stupidest stuff ever. Like little pointless things. Other then that married life is great. I  love going to bed next to him and i love waking up next to him, i wouldn’t want it to be anyone else!

Baby life, lets see… B now has 4 teeth. an I-tooth, 2 bottoms and 1 of her top front ones. She is teething like CRAZY. she makes me want to pull out my hair. If she drives me this crazy, how am i suppose to have a second kid? Wouldn’t 2 kids drive me insane?! It makes me 2nd guess myself, if im a good mom or not.
She also can stand on her own and shes been crawling since 7 months. Shes growing up way to fast.
i hate the fact that when you have a kid your life is in fast forward…. time goes by too fast!

Wedding day – June 8 2012
My wedding day was perfect. We had a great afternoon for pictures (before the wedding) and our dinner and reception was at 530. My husbands sisters were late. I am an ontime girl (that made no sense) at 5:30 i was expecting to be walking down the aisle, not waiting an extra 15 minutes. I was hyperventilating before walking down. Ya i love being around people but I dont always like the spotlight on me. My daughter was brought down on a little wagon by my little cousin. She pretty much stole the show.
I would love to get married all over again. I cried alot, thru my reception, everyone had amazing speeches and such nice things to say about my husband. It was amazing. Im so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing husband/daddy in the world.

I couldn’t be more blessed


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