Blogging takes alot of time

So i always tell myself ” k later im going to blog when baby’s asleep” … Do i ever get around to doing it??? Nope.
I just have no ideA what to blog about or how to get started?! HELP ME!!!

Any who
My rant for the evening is People who leave their kids in car… Alone. That shit drives me crazy. Plus its ILLEGAL in canada. ( well at least in my province) So the other day i went to our local “mall” (it only has 2 good stores) and a white van had parked beside me with 2 kids in it. They were for sure both under 4. Maybe 5. It was +28 that day and they were banging on the window. The windows were cracked open a bit but i mean come on. Take your damn kids inside. I waited outside the van for almost 15 minutes. I wanted to see if the mom would come out. She didn’t. Lucky her cause she would of got an ear full. I was extra bitchy that day. Haha.
Question: Would you leave your kids in the car? Out of sight?

Geez… Im so stressed. Im on my “period”. Why do your periods change after having a baby? My period is like spotting pretty much. Such a waste of a tampon. It scares me cause i always think I’m pregnant.
I have a doctors appt. friday. Im dreading it. I hate the doctors. Definitely never a good time there.

Boo to doctors
Boo to periods
Boo to shitty parents.


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