Going Back To Work Next Week

So next week Tuesday, i am going to back to work. Man am i ever feeling anxious!ย I don’t want to leave my baby girl! i love my days with her, even when she drives me crazy! I can’t wait for the day that I do become a stay at home mom. I’m jealous of all the moms that get to. But going back to work, alot of moms do. I rather live with extra money then living pay cheque to paycheque. at least now i get to pay off some of my debt. that’s a plus!

I can’t believe how fast the year went by. My daughter isn’t a year yet. 2 more months until she is but time has gone by too fast! I wonder when I’m going to have another baby? Hopefully in 2 years if not sooner. I just can’t wait to be at home again. I dont think anyone understands how badly i wish i could stay at home. My mom was a lucky lady cause she got to stay at home with me and my brother!


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