So our laptop is broken. It got dropped, as hard as the laptop waS, it smashed pretty good and wrecked part of my floor 😦 no bueno. So i have been without a laptop for a few months now. All i got is my good ol iphone. I really do miss typing on a keyboard tho lol

Anywho. Major life changes here… To me they are. The husband got a new job and my parents are MOVING into the country. By country i mean farm. My daughter turned 1. I’ve been outta my parents house for 6 months already, as well as married! Married life is definitely different but i love it!

What else is new in my mommy married world? Im 22 on the 24th. Christmas is by far the best thing ever. I don’t get why people always think is about Santa! Cause it isn’t! Its about Jesus’s birthday. My kid is gunna grow up knowing Santa is fake lol. Same with the Easter bunny and all that crap. As a kid i don’t think i believed in Santa. I feel like being a kid was sooo long ago. I feel like I’m 30 instead of 20. Way to young to be feeling this old.

Anyways. I don’t know what else to write. goodbye diary


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