Working PT mom

So i have been back at work since middle of september. talk about CRAZY! Im surprised I’m not lAte for work. Ever since having a baby i never make it on time for anything. I got to get myself ready, and then i need to get my daughter ready and make sure i have all her food and a bottle ready!
Work has been great so far. I work 3 shifts a week. Usually evenings, the odd day. I cant complain. I miss my daughter each time i go to work but it makes my shifts go faster. All my shifts are spread apart so its not to overwhelming. During my first week of work i had 3 shifts in a row, that made me very overwhelmed. Last time i do.
It makes it so much harder to go to work when My daughter cries at the window. It breaks my heart, as I’m sure it does all moms lol.
I cant wait to be on maternity leave again, i love staying home. Im jealous of all the moms who get be a SAHM.

Well thats how i feel about working. Buhbye diary


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