Christmas stress

Im stressed.
My birthday weekend is next weekend( not this coming up one, but the next)
And i need another pair of jeans, a purse (cause my daughter bottle spilt in there) this cute sweater, my parents gifts and my brothers gf a gift, and a birthday dress.
So pretty much my birthday is the day before christmas (which is great, i love it) but christmas time makes me beyond broke lol i wish i was living at home! I get paid friday but i have to pay my cell bill, mortgage, buy my contacts which sadly are 200$. And pay my car insurance. All those bills added up are over 500$ Fml. and if you do your math calculations, i wont be able To get the stuff i want. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Some days i wish i worked full time just so i could have that extra cash, cause right now i honestly need it. All this just stressed me out, MAJORLY.
i hate being a grow up. I will forever be a kid at heart.


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