My daughters Birthstory

Well lets see…

Nov 14, I was HUGELY pregnant. I looked like i was carrying twins. But anywho. On with the story.
It started at 6 am. I woke up with some slight contractions. They didn’t hurt to bad, around 7 am i texted my boyfriend(now husband) and i said “i think I’m in labor, you probably shouldn’t go into work”. He worked 45 mins away in a different city. He replied “im sure your fine.” And he left for work.

Around 730 they started getting closer together. I started to panic a bit. In my mind, i was freaking out. Thinking what if i have to have this baby in my bed? What if I’m dilated and don’t know it? What if i have to pee and the Baby comes out in the toilet? Lol you know the crazy things that go on in your pregnant mind. So i started timing my contractions for half an hour. They varied from 4 mins apart to 11 mins apart. So i went upstairs and crawled into bed with my mom nonchalantly and told her i think I’m in labor. She asked me a bunch of questions and then scurried to get dress. I packed my things and off the hospital we went.
she asked me if i was ok every 5 mins.
The roads were foggy and slightly icy but she was hauling ass. We were flying by semi’s. it was great. I was scared i was gunna have my water break on her leather seats. So i got sit on a towel.

We made it to the hospital, I signed up at triage and waited. My fiancé came and then my contractions stopped. In the triage another lady was going thru labor hardcore, it made me VERY nervous. My water started slowly leaking when I went to the bathroom. I never saw my mucus plug. My BP was high. Hours later, they ended up inducing me just cause my BP was high. I ended up dilating very slowly. I mean VERY slowly. I got an epidural, took fentanyl. My contractions were bad. I was in labor for 36 hours. I pushed for 25 minutes and told my mom that this baby was not coming, they realized she was stuck. My fiance was there but i ended kicking him out cause my legs were in the stirrups and vagina were out haha. I felt uncomfortable. So my momma stayed. At least it was only 25 minutes. they ended up rushing me to the OR. I had to get an emergency C section. When they opened me up I felt everything. I was yelling and swearing. I definitely wasn’t prepared for a C section. I felt a lot of tugging and pushing on my tummy and it wasn’t a great feeling. They ended up knocking me out. I could still hear them and all I heard was “it’s a girl” …and just dead silence. She was born on nov 15 2011 at 4:20 pm. They put her in that incubator thingy to suck out the fluids. That didn’t work. She wasn’t breathing. My husband got kicked out. He went crying to my parents. He was scared. I was just done on the table. Completely out haha. They rushed B to the NICU and me to the recovery room. I had to wait in recovery for 2 hours. I woke up there 45 mins later feeling sick. The lady got me a bowl. I didn’t puke (thank god) I hate puking. So I asked to my parents or fiancé , or my kid. They said no. I was pissed. As far as I knew I may not have a baby cause she wasn’t breathing. 30 mins later my parents came in. They said all was well. B was 10 pounds. She has to have a splint attached to her arm cause of an IV. 15 mins later my fiancé and baby came in. She had a FULL head of hair on her little cone head. She was beautiful. They wheeled me out on a stretcher. My fiance’s family was there. His mom, sisters and brother, they were excited. His couple best friends came as well. One brought me gorgeous tulips. The next day B got jaundice and my milk didn’t come in. They had to prick her foot and she had to be on that UV bed thingy. We ended up being in the hospital for 6 day. (Monday -Saturday ) it was horrible. By Thursday I was very home sick. Recovering from a C section isn’t fun especially when your Doing it in the hospital. I was bleeding, my feet and legs were swollen. I was a hot mess. Saturday morning we went home. My milk finally came in. I cried lots. My tits got huge. I was pumped. dont have that big of boobs so this was the biggest they ever been. I had a bunch of family who were sooooooo excited to see Brooklyn. My fiancé ended up taking a week and a half off work to help me. Just cause if you had a c section you know it’s hard to get up fast for baby and move around. Plus with my legs swollen as can be, I thought my would explode. Ugh. Grossest feeling ever. I got a bunch of amazing gifts and felt so blessed.

Anyways my daughter wouldn’t latch to my boob but I did pump for a month. Until all of sudden i dried up. I had troubles producing milk. I could only pump 2-4 ounces at the most.

So that is My labor and delivery story. It was horrible.


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