What’s In My Purse

So today im at work, the time changed happened and I’m beyond tired. I didn’t realize that 1 hour would make such a difference but it did.
Im going to blog about whats in my purse. I saw someone Instagram a pic of whats in their purse so i was like hmmm… Ill blog whats in my purse.

1) my journal from dollarama. My mom always taught me that journaling is a good thing and it helps. Sometimes when im upset ill let it out on people that i love and thats not really good so now i try to my journal my emotions haha.
2) my devotional book. Its called devotions for a sacred marriage by Gary Thomas. I dont always have this book with me. Just usually when i go to work for something to read. Its so far an amazing book! I love it!
3) my iPod.
4) hand sanitizer. Im a germ freak
5) hand lotion
6) TAMPONS. For when Mother Nature decides to surprise me 😉
7) my work schedule
8) my mom planner. Its just a calendar that im trying to write stuff down and what not.
9) my chewy adult vitamins. I carry these around cause i usually take them when i work in the morning cause i will end up going to Tim hortons and buying breakfast and your suppose to take them with a meal.
10) my sugar rose lip treatment. Works AMAZING
11) a little sewing kit. Incase a button falls off or something has a little tear.

If i have my daughter then some more things are in my purse are her snacks and sippy and a bottle. Ugh I’m trying to wean her off the bottle. Shes almost a year and a half and it just hasn’t happened yet. I need to find the right sippy that she will love.


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