Decorating my house

So after living in my place for about…9 months i FINALLY realized that i should be decorating it. I’ve never really thought of it. Well i did when we first moved in but my mind was else where. Other things on my mind, now it hit me that “hey, i need to make this feel like home” so for the past month I’ve been slowly decorating it. Put up a few hooks behind doors, got mirrors set up. Hung some adorable hooks i got at homesense in my daughters room. I got some purple curtains for my daughters room and dark grey ones for master bedroom. I love my bedrooms dark when i sleep. When i lived at home i had a basement bedroom. So when it was nighttime it was BLACK in there lol. I recently got new bedding, more like a new duvet cover from ikea. I got purple pillows and the duvet cover and 2 pillows are light grey. I am in love! I love ikea. Is it bad that im there weekly? Cause i am. No joke. I always have to get something, or perhaps just browse and get ideas. My parents are in the process of doing renos on their new house. So my mom loves going to ikea for ideas and little things. I Love bringing my daughter there but she always throws a fit when we leave. And spazzes when we go thru the kids area. NOT FUN. No one loves a screaming and kicking kid. All that i have left for my bedroom is some accent pillows and a different sheet. Right now its zebra!
I’ve been slowly getting into DIY projects. I’ve made a bracelet holder.

All i needed was a glue gun, spray pair beads, wine cork and candle holder. Who knew crafts were so fun and easy. My next project is a necklace holder.
I’ve ended up putting all my daughters toys back in her room, cause before they were in the office. But now im decorating the office. Making my desk smaller (it has an attachment to it that im taking off) and i would like to add a futon or something in there when we have guests over. My husband has his friend(s) out sometimes and lately they sleep on the couch or floor. Im sorry but no one deserves to sleep on the floor. Not unless you have 5 million blankets under you. Haha when i slept on the floor as a kid I’d like to feel that i was sleeping on a marshmallow.
I also need to buy pictures for our bedroom, bathroom and our living room. The walls are pretty bare.

Next month me and the husband plan on buying a laptop so i do planning on blogging more and making my blog public. No one knows that i blog except my husband and i doubt that he reads my blog. I feel all embarrassed, i just dont understand blogging yet. I rarely add pictures but it will all come with time!

Bye blog


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