It’s Finally May

So here I was thinking, what should I blog about? What do beauty bloggers blog about? What do moms blog about? Yes those are thoughts and google searches I have made. Do you ever think of how people would laugh at you if they saw what you searched on google? Lol well I do and some of it is EMBARRASSING!

Today I’m going to blog about my favorite drugstore beauty favorites.

I have used l’oreal mascara and liquid eyeliner for 4 years now, maybe even 3…no I would say 4+ years. L’oreal hands down has the best mascara. It doesn’t break your eyelashes off or flake. I love it because they give my lashes a voluminous look. I hate when girls have spider leg eyelashes. It just ain’t cute. I love eyelashes to be thick and full of volume. That’s why I love l’oreal mascara.
Their eyeliner is great too. It is long lasting, doesn’t smudge (on me) and its so easy to apply. One little line and BAM I’m done. I can use a flimsy eyeliner applicator or even a firm one. I’ve always used liquid eyeliner. I found that pencils always smudged. It didn’t matter what brand, just always smudged. Then I discovered liquid and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t know if its the type of makeup I wear etc but I can go to bed with a full face of makeup and still wake up looking pretty damn good lol. I don’t suggest going to bed with makeup on. It does clog pores etc.
foundation: I love l’oreal true match. I’m in W6. Sun beige. Its lightweight and good coverage. Right now this shade is a TAD to dark but thank god it’s summer and ill be (hopefully) the right shade.
This summer I plan on going without foundation. If I have a big occasion like someone’s birthday etc. I will use foundation obviously. But I want to go without it and let my skin become all perfect and virgin again. I don’t have bad acne but I have those little tiny bumps on my forehead and they just won’t go away. I wash my face and everything and they are still there!!! Pisses me off.
My favorite bronzer would have to be NYC sunny bronzer. They say its a dupe for benefit hoola bronzer. I haven’t tried benefit hoola bronzer so I couldn’t tell you. But I do hear good things about benefit cosmetics
My favorite blushes would have to be cover girl or Milani blushes. I honestly can’t decide they are both great. I’m so happy they sell Milani in Canada now. I don’t think they did before but I always get Milani products at my local superstore.
For setting spray I love ELF’s. I find it pretty good for the price you pay
Brushes: would be real techniques. I have bobby brown brushes and they have shed(not a lot) but my real technique brushes haven’t at all. They are so soft and perfect and i can’t wait to get all of them. I need to go to the states to an ulta and just stock up lol.
My favorite lipstick and glosses would have to be revlon. I love them. Theg have amazing lipsticks that dont dry out your lips and are very pigmented. The lipglosses arent sticky. I cant stand when lip glosses are sticky…YUCK.

That pretty much sums up my drugstore favorites. I can’t think of anymore. I don’t fill in my brows so that’s why there are no brow favorites. Which reminds me I need to go to MAC and let the girl fill in my brows cause I have not a hot clue on how to do it and my eyebrow hairs are long and thin. I have the worst eyebrow hairs in the world but they are shaped nice when I get them waxed and plucked.

FYI: I buy a majority of my makeup at Walmart or target. They have the Best lowest prices.


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