Mother’s Day & I’m WORKING

Am I the only mother who thinks it should be illegal to work on MOTHERS DAY?!?!
here I am WORKING 7 hour shift. And I don’t even work at a restaurant. Sometimes I feel I’m not appreciated for the stuff I do for my job. I sacrifice my Mother’s Day and other holidays. I have 2 long weekends coming up this summer. And I work both of them! What the shit?! While single people have that shit off. Like alrighty then! Ugh I’m just annoyed. I love my job like ALOT but still. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ just wish I could spend holidays with my family.
Another HUGE pet peeve of mine is when stupid annoying moms are COMPLAINING today. Like are you fvcking kidding me? Your complaining at HOME. bitch I’m stuck at work!!!!! I didn’t even get to see my kid this morning cause she wasn’t even awake yet. Like ugh. I just want to punch complaining mothers in the box when they complain today! Just be glad you can be at home with your family instead of working


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