5 baby things I can’t live without

So pretty much I have 3 posts that won’t upload. I don’t know if they are too long or what’s the problem? im so clueless and confused.
i decided to make a tag of the 10 baby things I can’t live with out. These are not in order & very random. ENJOY

1) baby diaper genie; this thing is a lifesaver. It literally keeps the smell all In it. Once you open it, it is a HORRIBLE smell that makes you gag. But I honestly couldn’t live without it. You can buy it at your local Walmart or babies r us store.

2) her teddy; my daughter has this one stuffed animal that we can’t get rid of. She can’t sleep without it etc. she started this at 6 months. She would fall asleep with her arm around it and its so cute. So to any new moms out there if you can get your kid attached to a stuffy its great! B never wanted a soother so I’m glad when she’s older I don’t have to take that away, but her teddy is kinda a replacement for her soother. She completely gnawed off his nose so I sewed it together. Haha.

3) wipes. I carry those things around EVERYWHERE. I buy a little pack in my purse. In my daughters little backpack. My bathroom. It’s nice cause if she has a runny nose or dirty mouth, pull out a wipe. Bam. CLEAN. Eats supper and gets a bit dirty, grab a wipe …CLEAN. they are just so handy.

4) noise maker thingy. This thing is like a ecologizer. It makes a noise…Just sounds like water running, jungle, waves, heartbeat. It plays music etc. this thing is great. But any fan or something that makes noise is awesome.

5) oragel/advil/tylenol. Teething is hell. I don’t even know how to describe teething. It is hell on earth pretty much. If your a mom and you have gone thru teething, You know exactly what I’m talking about!!!…it turns your kid into a monster. When my daughter was teething as a baby @ 3 months old. We gave her oragel, it worked like a charm. Same with those hyland teething tablets. I don’t think they worked as amazing but meh! Ummmm what else did I use? Hmmm….pretty much Anything they can gnaw on

6) when my daughter was gassy and colicy. She looooved her gripe water and enfacol. Those worked great. They work instantly.

7) bibs!

8) bumbo chair

9) treehouse channel ; gotta love toopy and binoo

10) toys that can attach to your carseat handle


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