June’s Latest Purchases

So a few weeks ago, randomly I racked up a bunch of work hours. 65 in 2 weeks. When usually all I work is 30-40 hours in 2 weeks.
Well…I would of spent more money but at the moment my husband is outta a job. Talk about NIGHTMARE. it’s such a huge test on our marriage I’m not even gunna lie. I don’t even know what to comment or say about this. It’s stressful, and…horrible. It’s nice SOMETIMES, cause he can be with our daughter but other then that….blahhhh NO COMMENT.

So recently I’ve been obsessed with FLORAL PRINT! Omg! In love. You can wear so many different color tops. I got 2 floral cut off shorts and a pair of cropped skinny jeans! I wear them all the time! I also ended up going to the local thrift shop and scoring 2 American eagle sweaters in EXCELLENT Condition for 20$. me and my girlfriends ended up going to old navy and I bought red skinnies and 2 t shirts. The sad thing is they didn’t fit (the jeans). It’s so weird cause I bought the same kind of jeans in a bigger size cause they didn’t have my size. You know when you break in jeans they loosen up. Well they ended up being too big so I was like “damn next time I will just get my size”. So that’s what I did with these red ones but they don’t fit. They are 2 inches smaller then my size 12 jeans from F21. But they say size 14. I’m usually a size 12 or 14. Depends where I shop. But I can barely close the button. I can close it but its so tight around my waist. So I ordered another pair but size 16 just to see if maybe they screwed up on the size. It just doesn’t make sense. I have other size 14 jeans from old navy but these red ones are still smaller. I swear they are a size 10 or 12. Its just really weird. I showed my sister and she even said maybe they got the size wrong. But ya that was the downfall of my shopping at old navy. I ended up taking advantage of la senza semi annual sale. I got 10 panties for 30$. I love their semi annual sale! such amazing deals. I wish I would of ordered stuff from bath&body works but didn’t really have extra money for that. I have candles coming out of my ass…. I have ALOT.
I didn’t really buy anything makeup wise yet. I’ve mainly just been going thru my closet and organizing and making it bigger. I got a diaper box fill of clothes that I gave to my thrift shop. I have that rule where if I buy an item, I have to get rid of an item in my closet lol. It works. Or I’ll go thru my closet and look at my clothes…ask myself “if I were shopping right now would I buy this?” It seriously works guys.


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