blog smog

I love blogging so that a few years from now I can look at how I was feeling and what I was doing and just reminiscing. (Did I use the right word?!)

My goals for the rest of 2013
1) potty train my daughter
2) lose 20 lbs or more
4) pay off my credit card

If you’re married, you know how hard these first couple years are. It’s definitely quite the test.
Pretend your husband didn’t have a job and he was home alllll the time…yes I had that happen. FOR 2 MONTHS! ugh I even told my parents I might kill him. I tried leaving him in the city but he refused to get out the car. He now has a full time job in our city which is nice. Our marriage is wayyyy better now. Less fights and arguments.
I’ve recently made a few new friends. I’m very excited cause my friend list isn’t way up there. I rather have 4 quarters then 100 pennies. Know what I mean?
Tomorrow I’m so excited I have an afternoon with my daughter!!! Im gunna go to Aldo & The mall. Oh yes…and old navy! Old navy is my store. Ever since I became a mom I love it there. My whole wardrobe has became old navy. Its great cause It’s not cheap but not overly expensive. I don’t need to own name brand everything.
I dont know all girls out here are all horny for Michael Kors. ugh!!! Why are you wasting like 300$ on a damn purse?!?! When some of the broads need to be using that damn money on a therapist… RANT OVER

This weekend. I work 10 hours tommorow and 12 hours on Saturday. Don’t tell me I’m lazy. I work hard for everything I have. I hate when people think I have it just cause I don’t know a 9-5 job Monday thru Thursday.
I ain’t even gonna go on a rant about that lol
Anyways. I’m tired. Bye xoxo


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