50 things about me

1) I’m adopted
2) I’m married
3) I’m a mom
4 I’m 22
5) I’m born on Christmas Eve
6) I work part time
7) I love cheese
8) I’m tan
9) I’m native but look nothing like it
10) I love dogs
11) i love Jesus
12) I plan on owning a range rover
13) I love to scrapbook
14) I have a mortgage 😦 lol
15) I graduated high school
16) my favorite kind of food is ITALIAN. I love my pasta and pizzas
17) I miss living at home
18) my husband is black
19) I love making people laugh
20) I love going for walks
21) I love palm bays
22) i use to be a big partier til I went cold turkey on everything and everyone
23) I use to have a fear that if I wasn’t with my mom she would die. It gave me huge ANXIETY.
24) I told my mom when I was young that I would marry a black guy
25) I want to go to Africa and work at a orphanage
26) I have a purse fetish
27) I will never get sick of family guy
28) I can’t dance
29) my favorite dessert is CHEESECAKE
30) I love makeup and collect it
31) I want to be well off by the age of 30
32) I have never watched a Harry potter movie or Star Wars
33) I watched paranormal activity and slept in my parents floor when I was 19. Lol
34) I fart around my girlfriends lol but never fart in front of my husband
35) I don’t get along with girls. I grew up hanging with guys. And no i didn’t fuck any of them
36) I received 2 promise rings by ex boyfriends
37) I grew up in the country. Red barn. Animals. Horses. Goats. Cats. Dogs.
38) I’ve never met my biological parents
39) I cut up my credit card cause i maxed it out right aways lol
40) when I die I want to go Heaven
41) I believe in living every day like its your last. Life is seriously too short.
42) YOLO
43) I love meeting my twitter followers, I’ve met a few people off twitter and they are amazing!
44) I was hoping I would be pregnant again by now
45) I love to read
46) I’m gonna do it big with my life
47) I drive a Mazda and I hate it
48) I am so thankful to God for protecting me back in the day when I use to party.
49) my favorite color is purple
50) I’m a shopaholic


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