Canadian Problems

i am convinced that summer is never going to come. we have had one of the coldest winters since early 1900s i believe. We were colder then mars. YUCK. i love the snow but we have legit had 6 months of winter. its april and today flakes were falling. Not enough to cover the ground but it still reaches -15 at night. WHYYYYY?!

I pray that we have an extra long summer. im so excited for summer, i have 2 weddings to go to. i love weddings.

my daughter is finally sleeping thru the night in her big girl bed but she is waking up early as hell. 730 am…..i haven’t woken up that early in a long ass time. Since B was a new born. She started sleeping thru the night by 7 months and would sleep 12 hours straight. now shes only sleeping like 10 hours a night.


i should probably quit the gym i go like once or twice a week thats it. its pretty pathetic. i didn’t go for like 3 weeks fml. like how fat am i? i gained my weight back ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i need to lose weight for toronto so i can look sexy. the shitty thing is that like 2.5 weeks ago i sprained my thumb and it still isn’t healed so that stops me. i just dont wanna go to the gym and mess it up again cause i do the machines and sucks cause the weather has been too cold for walks. When we did have nice weather i was walking. This winter is just never ending tho.

i should probably head to the gym once the husband is home. bye


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