July 11th

So im starting a pregnancy blog. On july 11th, I found out im expecting baby number 2. YIKES.



It still doesnt feel real. I had missed my period since may 24th. But my period was never regular so if I missed a month or two it never a big deal.
The only way I knew I was pregnant is my huge increase in appetite.  I literally csnt stop eating. I gained 15 pounds in the last month. I feel super fat. Lol im a bigger person to begin with.  Im not petite.  Tall and curvy.
My due date is February 28th, 2015. My children will be 3 years apart. Which is the perfect age. My husband and his siblings were 5 years apart. Me and my brother were 3 years apart.  I think 3 years is the perfect age. I use to want them to be 2 years but now I can see that being too close.

It feels so weird to think im gonna have two kids. I cant wrap my head around it.
Im cutting out fast food. If we do go out, im ordering caesar salad.

Time to eat healthy. Im so scared of gaining weight. Ive seen numerous friends have baby number 2 and now those skinny girls are bigger then me. Its scary. Ive always struggled with self esteem weight issues. So im praying I stay healthy and lose the weight fast.


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