Complaining Time

  1. My Friends Don’t Exist
  2. My daughter is going thru terrible twos
  3. Im almost done my first trimester
  4. I can’t find a babysitter ugh!

I decided to delete facebook…why? because im pregnant again. I wanted to avoid the whole people messaging me asking if im pregnant. I only have my instagram(which im always on) and twitter (which I rarely use).

Ive been trying make plans with friends so I get out there and be productive during the day. My so called good friends never reply or they are too poor to own a damn phone that works! Is this what my life is going to be like after I have a 2nd kid? no social life? no friends? did I just become uncool? cause I see so many people with more then 1 kid and they no social life because their kids keep them soooo busy. Im a social butterfly. I don’t want to be inside, all the time. I want to be out there at playdates etc.

I find it so rude when people don’t reply to my texts. Kay your on your phone the whole time when your with me but when I text and need someone then they never reply? like screw you. CUT! I definitely won’t be making an effort for our friendship anymore. Go die!  

It sucks even more that my best friend lives 45 minutes away in a different city. Shes on maternity leave for 2 more months. If we could hang out everyday and lived closer we would but we don’t. its 20$ gas there and back, each time! I also have the type of friends that when they get a boyfriend, no one else exists. I hate people. Why did I just admit that Im a social butterfly when I clearly have no successful friendships? I think I need to move or something!

Rant over. Im so tired. My life is so depressing lol

Bye Blog


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