Week 10

Week 10 of my pregnancy…

I cant complain, its been pretty decent. I feel more tired this time around. I had 1 day where I was super nauseous. I legit laid in bed all day! I felt pretty useless. 3.5 more weeks til im out of the first trimester. THANK YOU JESUS!!!  I don’t have any cravings, im not even that hungry anymore. everything kinda grosses me out. I get sick of food….fast. I cant think of chicken nuggets without gagging. YUCK!

everytime I eat a meal I get a food baby. I have a bump and its all hard. SO attractive. I think im starting to show. my mood swings aren’t bad. im not a total nightmare to my husband yet! I am more sensitive though. Ive always been a firecracker!

During this past august long weekend we spent 5 days at the cabin. it was so nice. it was shitty to come back home to reality and my gross house.

My house is seriously a mess and I hate it. im just so tired all day. I don’t have the energy to do it. I slept 10 hours last night and I did wake up super energized. Ive been busting my ass off at work. My days off don’t even feel like days off. I have to catch up on laundry, run to the store, clean other peoples houses. Ugh. My life will be dead when I have two kids, im going to be wishing I was running to the store etc. lol.

I cant wait to find out what im having. I just want to start preparing, I really want it to be a boy but I have a good feeling that its a girl. They say boy bumps are lower, my bump seems high when I do get my little food baby. It would be nice to have a girl cause then she can just wear all of my daughters cute hand me downs! Im so glad I didn’t get rid of her cute stuff!

My daughter is watching caillou, it made me reawlize thati need to take my daughter to the dentist. I haven’t taken her yet…ever. Hopefully her mouth isn’t full of cavaties.

Time for me to write a to do list!



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