About us

in 2009 i met B’s Dad.

I was a girl who always wanted a couple kids, I never found the right guy until B’s Daddy came along. I use to be a partier until i realized that I didn’t need alcohol to have fun. Then I decided to start fulfilling my dreams.

I applied for nursing school, got accepted and was going to start in sept 2011. B’s daddy also won a scholarship to go to BCIT in British Columbia to do Electrical Engineering. I was living my dream…Going to school, Amazing Boyfriend. A bright future for the both of us.

April 2011 Our lives were changed. I found out i was 2 months pregnant.
My period was NEVER regular. I could miss it for 6 months and it be nothing. I never had a proper period. So this time I was like “meh, i always miss my period, no biggie!”. I took 2 pee tests BAM! POSITIVE. I thought it must be some mistake, I went to the doctors, he told me Congratulations…that im expecting.

Goodbye School, Hello Baby!

We got married in June 2012 and bought a 3 bedroom condo. I work part time as a direct support worker with people who have intellectual disabilities. I love it and its an amazing job! I couldn’t be more blessed.


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