Complaining Time

My Friends Don’t Exist My daughter is going thru terrible twos Im almost done my first trimester I can’t find a babysitter ugh! I decided to delete facebook…why? because im pregnant again. I wanted to avoid the whole people messaging me asking if im pregnant. I only have my instagram(which im always on) and twitter (which […]

July 11th

So im starting a pregnancy blog. On july 11th, I found out im expecting baby number 2. YIKES. It still doesnt feel real. I had missed my period since may 24th. But my period was never regular so if I missed a month or two it never a big deal. The only way I knew […]

Failing at this

Ive been feeling so down lately. I am tired and don’t have energy to do anything with my daughter. I feel like a failure of a mother, my daughter just plays in her room and watches Netflix. we get out of the house maybe once a day but I just don’t have the energy. I […]

Canadian Problems

i am convinced that summer is never going to come. we have had one of the coldest winters since early 1900s i believe. We were colder then mars. YUCK. i love the snow but we have legit had 6 months of winter. its april and today flakes were falling. Not enough to cover the ground […]


Today I got a new purse and finally a denim shirt! I also am going to Toronto in a month. My husband is not working nights but gonna be on rotation between days and evenings 🙂 I am pretty content right now. Life is good. Thank you Jesus.

blog smog

I love blogging so that a few years from now I can look at how I was feeling and what I was doing and just reminiscing. (Did I use the right word?!) My goals for the rest of 2013 1) potty train my daughter 2) lose 20 lbs or more 4) pay off my credit […]