I miss my dog 🐶

I’ve had a dog growing up all my life until I moved out over a year ago. Lately I’ve really been missing her but my hubby doesn’t like her. Her name is Lucy & she is a miniature schnauzer. She’s black with a grey little beard. Cutest little thing you ever did see!

I just want a dog so badddd….I’ve always wanted a golden retriever…but they shed. I doubt a big dog could fit into my 3 bedroom condo hehe! Blech….I’m just thinking of the big shit they take haha don’t judge me!
But for real. I want this dog



What’s outside your window?

Looking outside I see ….
Beautiful clear sky. Uncut grass. Kids playing on their play structure. I see parents watching from their window. Cars creeping by. Tree tops swaying, Fuzzies dancing with the wind. A dog suntanning. Laundry drying on the line.

Now tell me what you see when you look outside your window 🙂


June’s Latest Purchases

So a few weeks ago, randomly I racked up a bunch of work hours. 65 in 2 weeks. When usually all I work is 30-40 hours in 2 weeks.
Well…I would of spent more money but at the moment my husband is outta a job. Talk about NIGHTMARE. it’s such a huge test on our marriage I’m not even gunna lie. I don’t even know what to comment or say about this. It’s stressful, and…horrible. It’s nice SOMETIMES, cause he can be with our daughter but other then that….blahhhh NO COMMENT.

So recently I’ve been obsessed with FLORAL PRINT! Omg! In love. You can wear so many different color tops. I got 2 floral cut off shorts and a pair of cropped skinny jeans! I wear them all the time! I also ended up going to the local thrift shop and scoring 2 American eagle sweaters in EXCELLENT Condition for 20$. me and my girlfriends ended up going to old navy and I bought red skinnies and 2 t shirts. The sad thing is they didn’t fit (the jeans). It’s so weird cause I bought the same kind of jeans in a bigger size cause they didn’t have my size. You know when you break in jeans they loosen up. Well they ended up being too big so I was like “damn next time I will just get my size”. So that’s what I did with these red ones but they don’t fit. They are 2 inches smaller then my size 12 jeans from F21. But they say size 14. I’m usually a size 12 or 14. Depends where I shop. But I can barely close the button. I can close it but its so tight around my waist. So I ordered another pair but size 16 just to see if maybe they screwed up on the size. It just doesn’t make sense. I have other size 14 jeans from old navy but these red ones are still smaller. I swear they are a size 10 or 12. Its just really weird. I showed my sister and she even said maybe they got the size wrong. But ya that was the downfall of my shopping at old navy. I ended up taking advantage of la senza semi annual sale. I got 10 panties for 30$. I love their semi annual sale! such amazing deals. I wish I would of ordered stuff from bath&body works but didn’t really have extra money for that. I have candles coming out of my ass…. I have ALOT.
I didn’t really buy anything makeup wise yet. I’ve mainly just been going thru my closet and organizing and making it bigger. I got a diaper box fill of clothes that I gave to my thrift shop. I have that rule where if I buy an item, I have to get rid of an item in my closet lol. It works. Or I’ll go thru my closet and look at my clothes…ask myself “if I were shopping right now would I buy this?” It seriously works guys.

What are dreams?

Somedays I wish I was better at blogging. I look at other people’s blogs and they are just AMAZING…then there is mine… Merp

I get jealous when I see people using these big words and being all fancy. To be honest, I don’t know half of them. Lol. Perhaps it’s time I look them up so I can use them. My blog isn’t anything special. Just so your aware. It’s kinda my journal, All my thoughts…I’m pretty much talking to myself.
Weird story of the month.
There is my first boyfriend, I’d like to consider it serious cause I was 15-16. For the past few months this dude is always in my damn dreams. dreams for nights in a row. I don’t know why, I don’t know how cause I haven’t even talked to him in YEARS. I saw him at a local store 2 years ago. I was pregnant and looking soooo ugly. He saw me, I saw him we both stopped and stared at each other. No joke. I told my friend AWESOME. he now probably thinks I’m fat and still wear glasses, Cause I was only 5 months preggo but you know when you go thru that fat stage where you just look fat? you can’t tell if they are pregnant or fat. Well that’s the stage I was in lol. Talk about embarrassing.
When we broke up it was cause my parents didn’t like him …blah blah blah…how typical eh?. Do any parents/dads even like their daughters first boyfriend? I’d like to say no. But he was a bad boy lol. it’s just…I don’t understand why he’s in my dreams. Then to top it off, All of sudden his wife is trying to follow me on Instagram. HOW DID SHE EVEN FIND ME?!?!? Maybe it’s a sign? I don’t know man! it’s just weird. I feel like maybe I should ask him if he ever has weird dreams of me? Like they aren’t bad or sexual. His wife is actually in my dreams too. It’s just soooo weird. I did end up accepting her request. But I commented on one of her pics. I was like “uhhhh are you aware of who I am? The girl you hated cause I dated your bf when he dumped you?” I obviously didn’t word it like that lol but you know what I mean.
Lol he did end up going back to her after we broke up. Now they are happily married and just had a kid.

I just want to know what dreams mean.

Random Beauty Products I’ve used up

I watch a lot of YouTube beauty gurus and there is a tag of “products I have used up” so I decided I would make a short and sweet list of products I have used up and repurchased.

1) Tresmme hair spray + heat protectant spray

2) l’oreal true match foundation

3) Mac foundation

4) NYC bronzer in sunny

5) head and shoulders dandruff shampoo

6) big sexy hair root pump uplifter

7) maybelline instant age rewind concealer

8) white nail polish. Love my French tips

9) any bath&body works candles. Mmmmmm omg amazing aroma’s!!!!

10) l’oreal liquid eyeliner. I always buy liquid liners by l’oreal.

5 baby things I can’t live without

So pretty much I have 3 posts that won’t upload. I don’t know if they are too long or what’s the problem? im so clueless and confused.
i decided to make a tag of the 10 baby things I can’t live with out. These are not in order & very random. ENJOY

1) baby diaper genie; this thing is a lifesaver. It literally keeps the smell all In it. Once you open it, it is a HORRIBLE smell that makes you gag. But I honestly couldn’t live without it. You can buy it at your local Walmart or babies r us store.

2) her teddy; my daughter has this one stuffed animal that we can’t get rid of. She can’t sleep without it etc. she started this at 6 months. She would fall asleep with her arm around it and its so cute. So to any new moms out there if you can get your kid attached to a stuffy its great! B never wanted a soother so I’m glad when she’s older I don’t have to take that away, but her teddy is kinda a replacement for her soother. She completely gnawed off his nose so I sewed it together. Haha.

3) wipes. I carry those things around EVERYWHERE. I buy a little pack in my purse. In my daughters little backpack. My bathroom. It’s nice cause if she has a runny nose or dirty mouth, pull out a wipe. Bam. CLEAN. Eats supper and gets a bit dirty, grab a wipe …CLEAN. they are just so handy.

4) noise maker thingy. This thing is like a ecologizer. It makes a noise…Just sounds like water running, jungle, waves, heartbeat. It plays music etc. this thing is great. But any fan or something that makes noise is awesome.

5) oragel/advil/tylenol. Teething is hell. I don’t even know how to describe teething. It is hell on earth pretty much. If your a mom and you have gone thru teething, You know exactly what I’m talking about!!!…it turns your kid into a monster. When my daughter was teething as a baby @ 3 months old. We gave her oragel, it worked like a charm. Same with those hyland teething tablets. I don’t think they worked as amazing but meh! Ummmm what else did I use? Hmmm….pretty much Anything they can gnaw on

6) when my daughter was gassy and colicy. She looooved her gripe water and enfacol. Those worked great. They work instantly.

7) bibs!

8) bumbo chair

9) treehouse channel ; gotta love toopy and binoo

10) toys that can attach to your carseat handle

Mother’s Day & I’m WORKING

Am I the only mother who thinks it should be illegal to work on MOTHERS DAY?!?!
here I am WORKING 7 hour shift. And I don’t even work at a restaurant. Sometimes I feel I’m not appreciated for the stuff I do for my job. I sacrifice my Mother’s Day and other holidays. I have 2 long weekends coming up this summer. And I work both of them! What the shit?! While single people have that shit off. Like alrighty then! Ugh I’m just annoyed. I love my job like ALOT but still. 😦 just wish I could spend holidays with my family.
Another HUGE pet peeve of mine is when stupid annoying moms are COMPLAINING today. Like are you fvcking kidding me? Your complaining at HOME. bitch I’m stuck at work!!!!! I didn’t even get to see my kid this morning cause she wasn’t even awake yet. Like ugh. I just want to punch complaining mothers in the box when they complain today! Just be glad you can be at home with your family instead of working

It’s Finally May

So here I was thinking, what should I blog about? What do beauty bloggers blog about? What do moms blog about? Yes those are thoughts and google searches I have made. Do you ever think of how people would laugh at you if they saw what you searched on google? Lol well I do and some of it is EMBARRASSING!

Today I’m going to blog about my favorite drugstore beauty favorites.

I have used l’oreal mascara and liquid eyeliner for 4 years now, maybe even 3…no I would say 4+ years. L’oreal hands down has the best mascara. It doesn’t break your eyelashes off or flake. I love it because they give my lashes a voluminous look. I hate when girls have spider leg eyelashes. It just ain’t cute. I love eyelashes to be thick and full of volume. That’s why I love l’oreal mascara.
Their eyeliner is great too. It is long lasting, doesn’t smudge (on me) and its so easy to apply. One little line and BAM I’m done. I can use a flimsy eyeliner applicator or even a firm one. I’ve always used liquid eyeliner. I found that pencils always smudged. It didn’t matter what brand, just always smudged. Then I discovered liquid and I’ve never had a problem. I don’t know if its the type of makeup I wear etc but I can go to bed with a full face of makeup and still wake up looking pretty damn good lol. I don’t suggest going to bed with makeup on. It does clog pores etc.
foundation: I love l’oreal true match. I’m in W6. Sun beige. Its lightweight and good coverage. Right now this shade is a TAD to dark but thank god it’s summer and ill be (hopefully) the right shade.
This summer I plan on going without foundation. If I have a big occasion like someone’s birthday etc. I will use foundation obviously. But I want to go without it and let my skin become all perfect and virgin again. I don’t have bad acne but I have those little tiny bumps on my forehead and they just won’t go away. I wash my face and everything and they are still there!!! Pisses me off.
My favorite bronzer would have to be NYC sunny bronzer. They say its a dupe for benefit hoola bronzer. I haven’t tried benefit hoola bronzer so I couldn’t tell you. But I do hear good things about benefit cosmetics
My favorite blushes would have to be cover girl or Milani blushes. I honestly can’t decide they are both great. I’m so happy they sell Milani in Canada now. I don’t think they did before but I always get Milani products at my local superstore.
For setting spray I love ELF’s. I find it pretty good for the price you pay
Brushes: would be real techniques. I have bobby brown brushes and they have shed(not a lot) but my real technique brushes haven’t at all. They are so soft and perfect and i can’t wait to get all of them. I need to go to the states to an ulta and just stock up lol.
My favorite lipstick and glosses would have to be revlon. I love them. Theg have amazing lipsticks that dont dry out your lips and are very pigmented. The lipglosses arent sticky. I cant stand when lip glosses are sticky…YUCK.

That pretty much sums up my drugstore favorites. I can’t think of anymore. I don’t fill in my brows so that’s why there are no brow favorites. Which reminds me I need to go to MAC and let the girl fill in my brows cause I have not a hot clue on how to do it and my eyebrow hairs are long and thin. I have the worst eyebrow hairs in the world but they are shaped nice when I get them waxed and plucked.

FYI: I buy a majority of my makeup at Walmart or target. They have the Best lowest prices.

Where to go with life?!

Have you ever been so confused on what you want to go to school for? What your goal is to be? Who your suppose to be? What your good at? What your passion is? What are you passionate about? These are thoughts that are going on in my head on a regular basis. i consider my self a young mom, NOT A teen one! But a young one. I decided to pop out a baby first then go to school. It wasnt my plan but what can ya do?! I currently have a job that ive been at for 2 years (including mat leave) so technically one year. Its a great job and i love it. The pay is alright, id make more in the city but this will have to do. I work with people with intellectual disabilities. I take individuals out, administer their meds. Assist with baths etc. its kinda the perfect job for me. Its not a job where im stressed at the end of the day. I do love it but is this what i want to do for the rest of my life? Kinda but not really! I would love to get a degree in something, but im not sure what. My options land in teacher, youth care worker, EA or maybe even a therapist. People tend to come to me with their problems. Im a good listener apparently. I just don’t know what to be. Some days i just really wanna be a freelance makeup artist. Like the YouTube beauty gurus. I do my sisters makeup but i feel weird cause I’m so close to her face and It feels like im painting it. Too close for comfort for my liking. I dont like people breathing on me or vice Versa its awkward.
My love for makeup does keep growing though. It was something i wanted to do in high school but now not so much. I have no idea what i want to do anymore. One day i think being a youth care worker is great but then all of sudden my mind wanders to being a nurse again. Then somedays i just want to be a stay at home mom. Right now I’ve realized all i can do is focus on my daughter and be the best mom i can to her. My terrible twos started early for me. Fits everyday. Attitude. The things she does to push my buttons. Goodness! Some days she cries and somedays i cry with her. Sigh. Being a mom really is a hard job. You never know how hard it is til you become one. One day i will have a great job and that may end up being a stay at home mom…who knows. Only time will tell.